In-Home Consulting

Your SLEEP. Your Health.
Your Space.


Your home has a direct impact on your sleep, health, and well-being. Let's explore what is holding you back from the nurturing sleep you deserve.

Together we will...

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In-Home Consulting is an immersive process that occurs in your home. During this time, we will assess the health of your home and how it may be impacting your sleep and overall health. Depending on the size of your home and the specific needs identified, this process will vary in duration.

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Our time together includes education, evaluation, and guidance on:

- Identifying, reducing, and eliminating sources of environmental toxins and pollutants in your home and bedroom, including Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

- Proper Sleeping Spaces, including Bedroom Redesign and Healthy Furnishing

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You'll receive the guidance you need to transform your home, sleep better, and create the healthy, nurturing sanctuary you deserve.


  • Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area
    • $1,500 per day* or $200/hour
  • Arizona, Outside Phoenix Metropolitan Area
    • $2,000 per day*
  • Continental U.S. outside of Arizona
    • $3500 per day*
  • For areas outside the continental U.S., click below to schedule time for pricing.

*Depending on property size and complexity of issues, more than one day may be required. Additional oversight during proposed mitigation is billed separately. Does not include fees of other professionals who may need to be involved for mitigation. 


What my Clients Say

"I have already began to implement changes into my home so that I can sleep in a healthier environment."

It was such a gift to meet and work with Angie, and I know our paths crossed on purpose. Angie was so great! She came over to my house and spent the entire day with me as I followed her around asking her a million questions. As a doctor, I wanted to know as much as I could about electric and radio frequencies to further educate my patients. Angie was incredibly patient, kind, and loving! She recognizes how stressful the data we gathered can be, and she checked in on my heart repeatedly to make sure I wasn't getting to stressed! She sat down with me at the end of the day and we came up with a plan. She even helped me with measurements and calculations to help me make the most financially wise decision given my budget!

Angie is absolutely brilliant, has so much to offer, and I cannot recommend her enough! I also LOVE that she charges a flat rate for the day because it made the day feel less rushed and allowed me to be present with our time instead of worrying about how much it was costing per minute! Angie also knows how to meet you where you are. I have already began to implement changes into my home so that I can sleep in a healthier environment. She is fantastic with follow up, making sure I received discount codes, and answering my questions. I know she will continue to be a consultant for me for life. You will significantly benefit having Angie in your corner to help you improve sleep and mitigate EMF's- two of the most underestimated contributors of health! I will definitely be working with her again!

-Dr. Kristen Graham, Scottsdale, AZ