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Reclaim your sleep and energy !

Using Functional Diagnostic Testing, Nutrition, Psychology, and Environmental Health, you will transform your sleep in just 6 sessions.  Based on your unique test results and your unique situation, you will receive protocols and guidance that will jumpstart your transformational journey towards improved sleep and wellness.

The Process (R.E.S.T.)

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We will start by revealing what keeps you up at night. You'll complete a comprehensive Functional Medicine Intake Form and a series of Functional Diagnostic Tests that will unveil the hidden factors contributing to your poor sleep.

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Based on evaluation of your unique test results, you will implement and integrate specific dietary, environmental, and stress-reduction protocols.

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Over 6 sessions, you will receive on-going support to fine-tune recommendations based on your response - a synergetic approach for improved sleep.

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Step by step, you will transform your restless nights into rested mornings, awakening with the energy you need to succeed.

The only thing you have to lose is another restless night.

What my Clients Say

"I am able to pinpoint exactly what isn't working, and more importantly, what is working."

Angie's sleep coaching has changed my life.  I've been struggling with sleep issues for decades including an addiction to sleeping pills.  I thought I knew all there was to know about sleep techniques, but no.  Angie has thoughtfully and methodically presented information and suggestions that have greatly enhanced my sleeping experience.  Through working with her, I am able to pinpoint exactly what isn't working, and more importantly, what is working.  I highly recommend Angie Nicolucci as a professional, teacher, and supporter.

Joyce Evans, Safford, AZ


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