How To Break-Up With Your Microwave

A few years ago, I was following a social media post about texting moms to ask how long to microwave the turkey for Thanksgiving. In the spirit of good fun, I sent my mom the message and anxiously awaited her response. She didn’t disappoint, either. 

Me: I guess I’m cooking the turkey this year for Thanksgiving. How long would it take to microwave a 25 lb turkey?

Mom: Okay, that started the day out with a good laugh! #1 I would like to see the microwave that would fit it. #2 It wouldn’t be a bird but would make good shoe leather. #3 Why not use the oven? You are too funny!

And then she sent this photo:

Well played, Mom, well played…

What’s the big deal about the Microwave?

You might be saying to yourself, It’s so convenient! Why would I stop using it? Well, simply put, its radiation. A microwave oven works by subjecting your food to electromagnetic radiation that is in the microwave frequency range. 

(Say what?) Here is a visual to make this a bit more understandable. As you can see below, as the energy waves increase in their frequency (the number of peaks and valleys in a fixed timeframe), the energy can accomplish different things. While low frequencies (long waves) carry your AM Talk Radio, the more concentrated frequencies carry your TV broadcast, cell phone and WIFI signal, cook food in your microwave oven, take your x-ray, and so on. This is an over-simplified example, but hopefully you get the essence.  You can learn more about electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) here

Anyway, back to the break-up…

Hey Microwave, it’s not you, it’s me.

Just like a bad college boyfriend, sometimes we stay in a relationship out of convenience, not really slowing down to think about the physical or emotional toll it may be taking. But you and your health always come first. 

We’ve all heard people say don’t stand in front of the microwave. The typical response? The person moves over a foot or two. 

Have you ever wondered how far away is actually safe? Let’s measure it. In the video below, I show you just how far these microwaves reach into your home by using my high-frequency meters. I’m turning the invisible visible and the inaudible audible. (I love using my meters to educate people about the health of their home. Contact me HERE to discuss). 

Check out this video!

“Don’t stand, don’t stand, don’t stand so close to me…”

As noted in the video, the Building Biology Slight Concern levels for man-made high-frequency radiation (like microwaves) falls between 0.1 and 10 microwatts per meter squared (uW/m2). We measured 33 uW/m2 at 40 feet away (3x higher than slight concern levels) and 14,500 uW/m2 at 2 feet away (1,450x higher than slight concern levels). Whoa!


928 uW/m2 – 40 ft away from the microwave oven

391,000 uW/m2 – ambient max levels area around microwave oven 0-40 ft

***UPDATE*** One of my instructors asked that I repeat the measurement with the smaller green meter given the fact that microwaves will bounce around and reflect off the various surfaces. So, I did… I measured 391,000 uW/m2 max exposure and 928 uW/m2 at 40 feet away!!! This is 39,100x higher  and 93x higher than the slight concern exposure levels for man-made high-frequency radiation respectively! Here are the photos.


As with many environmental toxins, you may not experience issues with a single exposure. But let’s be honest, most people aren’t using a microwave once. They heat up coffee, then oatmeal, then leftovers. Oh, and it’s time for dinner so let’s use it to defrost something. And other people are using the microwave, too. So, everyone in the general vicinity is being exposed to those microwaves as well. And this is done every day. Every. Day.

And it’s not just the microwave oven, either. Microwaves (in the literal sense) also emanate from cell phones and towers, WIFI, Bluetooth, Computers, Tablets, and other sources in the modern home like baby monitors, and “smart” things like TVs, thermostats, wearables, printers, and Sonos systems. You can learn more about EMFs in your home here.

According to the BioInitiative Report, man-made microwave exposure can lead to things like sleep and behavioral issues, stress, fertility issues,  cardiovascular issues, brain tumors, cancer in humans, and more

After the Break-Up

As it turns out, my mom was right after all – why not use the oven? 

This shift does take a bit of planning and lifestyle change. To cook something on a cooktop or in the oven doesn’t yield the immediate-result and convenience of a microwave. However, the long term benefits to your health and the health of your family are worth the extra time and effort. 

As with all changes, it is best to start small if you can’t quit cold turkey. 

If you don’t want to completely sever your relationship, consider ways you can reduce the amount of times you use this appliance each day. Start by simply noticing how frequently you use your microwave and what for. Is this something that could be done differently? Then choose one habit to adjust.

Reducing times per day will lead to days, and then maybe a week. And that can stretch into a month or more. We’ve been microwave oven-free in our home for at least six months now and have completely adjusted. It may not be easy at first, however small changes here and there will make it easier as time goes on. 

The ritual of cooking a meal can also have side benefits, like slowing down, learning a new recipe, and sharing the creative process with a loved one. Plus, it just tastes better. 

On a side note, if you do choose to continue with microwave use, please don’t microwave anything in plastic or styrofoam. When microwaved, these materials will leach harmful chemicals into your foods and beverages. Microwave-safe glass and ceramic are the best choices. 

Let me know if you decide to stop using your microwave. How is it going? And, if you don’t use a microwave, please share your tips below to support others in making the switch.

The microwave oven is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the health of your home and how your home affects the health of everyone who lives there. I can help. Schedule complimentary time on my calendar here.

Until next time,


  1. Gust Lawrence on November 24, 2020 at 4:48 pm


    Very nice vid and use of instruments. One thing to consider: RF radiation bounces off the surfaces in the house and comes to the body from multiple directions. It’d be interesting to do the process over using the S&S Pro and see if there is any difference along that same route and at the piano. Remember reflected RF is likely to be distorted from the orientation at the microwave so do the figure 8 motion with the S&S. Given your low ambient levels on the S&S what you read will be nearly all from the microwave,


    Larry Gust

    • Angie Nicolucci on November 24, 2020 at 5:08 pm

      Wow, Larry! I just did this with the S&S2 per your guidance and the levels came back at 391,000 uW/m2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Holy Moly! I will definitely amend the post with this insight. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!